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About Us

Welcome to the Dollar Scholars website, a comprehensive resource for professional development, college prep, personal finance, and more built for high school students and educators.  

Dollar Scholars was created by UPenn's Wharton Women, an undergraduate student organization at the University of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to facilitate the personal and career development of females in business by building a network of exceptional undergraduates, professionals and faculty.

In the past, we have held an annual event known as the Dollar Diva Conference, which hosted around 100 female high school students from different schools in the Philadelphia area and led activities and workshops on financial literacy, college advice, and career guidance. Due to the onset of COVID-19, we created this website alongside a series of virtual workshops to make this information accessible for everyone. To check out our pandemic programming, click here!

We hope to support both high school students and educators from this interactive platform. 

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